Some facts about our forests:

  • Half of NB’s forests are Crown lands, equaling more than 3 million hectares (7.4 million acres), private woodlots account for 30%, and 20% are industrial forest;
  • Some major river systems (Miramichi, Restigouche, Upsalquitch, Nepisiguit, St. Croix) have their source on Crown lands, and flow primarily through crown lands;
  • The lands in New Brunswick were never ceded by treaty to the Crown, and Indigenous Peoples claim aboriginal title;
  • NB’s Crown lands are held by the Province for the benefit of the people of NB, as their trustee (to benefit present and future generations);
  • Employment in forestry and logging in NB, including support activities, has fluctuated: from 3,900 (2009), 3,400 (2011), to 4,100 (2013). (Statistics Canada)
  • Employment in fishing, hunting and trapping was 2,400 in NB in 2013.(Statistics Canada)
  • Employment in agriculture in NB was at 4,500 in 2013. (Statistics Canada)
  • More than 11,600 people worked directly in forestry related jobs in 2010 (NB Forest Products Association);
  • In 2010, the forest industry contributed 5.1% of total GDP (NB Forest Products Association);
  • In 2010, there were still 90 firms in the sawmills sector. According to government, there are approximately 40 today.

Role of this website:

This website is dedicated to publishing relevant information about the crown lands forest controversy sparked by the Crown Lands Forest Management Strategy announced March 12, 2014.

Wondering what the government strategy actually says? Here is a concise summary.

If you want to know where to find the media stories around this issue, go to this page.

Many diverse arguments against this strategy have been raised, they are summarized on this page. Here you can find arguments around jobs, forest sustainability, and scientific evidence as to damages caused by forest practices, as well as the secretive nature of the development of the new strategy, and associated (potential) agreements.

Various background documents and links to past consultations, reports and activities spanning 15 years on the question of crown land forest are found here.

We have also compiled links to other organizations, activities, resources and campaigns that might be of interest.

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