Press release and Statement November 26, 2015 calling for a new Crown Lands and Forest Act:

Press release



Links to media stories from 2014:

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Individual stories and coverage from 2014:

Graham Forbes (UNB) & Roberta Clowater (CPAWS) shocked at new plan (March 13):

Harry Forestell talks with Tom Beckley (UNB) (March 12):

CBC coverage of new strategy (March 12):

Nature NB’s reaction (March 17):

David Coon on Irving clout (March 14):

Sabine Dietz (Nature NB), Ken Hardie (NB Federation of Woodlot Owners); interview (March 17):

Reaction of Marc-André Villard to announcement, Radio Canada (March 12):

Matthew Betts reaction (March 18):

Mathews Betts interview (March 18):

Miramichi Chamber of Commerce interview, Mike Hill (March 18):

David Coon on secrecy of deal with Irving (March 18):

Don Floyd interview on Shift (March 18)):

Maple syrup producers express their concern (March 19):

Maple syrup producers protest, interview (March 20):

Marc-André Villard (U de M) interview on CBC (March 19):

Entrevue avec Marc-André Villard (U de M):

Rod Cumberland, retired biologist (March 20):

Political Panel CBC (March 21):—foresty/

David Coon on the silence of government scientists (March 21):

Jean Saint-Cyr dans l’Acadie Nouvel sur la stratégie bâclée :

Conservation Council of NB (April 8):

Green Party press release (April 8): Green Party Learns Details of Tory Forest Strategy Premised on Deregulation

David Coon’s CBC radio interview regarding leaked information (April 9):

Private woodlot owners say they’re key to protecting Crown forest (April 9):

Tom Beckley (UNB) on the lack of consultation (April 10):

Tom Beckley’s interview on CBC Information Morning (April 10):

Jamie Simpson’s interview on the danger to the Acadian Forest ecosystem, CBC Information Morning (April 11):

Letter by scientists (April 16): Letter as it appeared in the Telegraph Journal

Deal with government (April 24): J.D. Irving’s Crown forest contract made public.

Thom Erdle commentary (April 24): Commentary – Let’s add focus to the forestry debate

Rick Murray, a forestry technician and third generation logging contractor (April 25): Former logger says Irving agreement ‘disappointing’.

David Coon criticizing deal with JDI (April 25): Forestry deal ‘remarkable in its audacity,’ says Coon.

Information Morning interview with David Coon (April 25):Terry Seguin talks to David Coon who says the government’s forestry deal is a sellout to industry.

Marc-André Villard interview with CBC (April 25): Forestry Deal Reaction

David Bell on the deal with JDI (April 30):
J.D. Irving forestry deal ‘already done,’ expert says

Vince Zelazny, Gerry Redmond, Dan Murphy, Rod Cumberland (former DNR staff and biologists), and Tom Beckly: CBC story: Ex-government scientists speaking out on policy issues;

Information Morning interview (former staff interviews, Volpé & Green letter): Listen

Letter from former DNR ministers: New Crown forest plan criticized by ex-DNR ministers; Letter Volpé & Green

Forest Rally media coverage (May 13): Media Co-op – Hundreds come out to oppose Irving forestry deal; video clips: speeches of Jean-Guy Comeau, Don Bowser and Rod Cumberland; Premier David Alward discusses forestry plan with blogger Charles LeBlanc ; CBC evening news; Hundreds protest Crown forestry deal outside legislature; CTV coverage: N.B. legislature site of protest against new forestry plan; Global News: N.B. legislature site of protest against new forestry plan; videos from live stream during the event

184 academics sing an open letter to government (May 15): CBC news story & open letter

Democracy Watch on the forestry deal (May 21): CBC story

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Jeannot Volpé (May 22): interview with Charles Thériault

CBC story on poll conducted by UNB researchers (June 13): New Crown forest policy opposed by 61% in survey

NB Media Co-op new story (June 27): Kent County Municipal leaders unanimously condemn Tory forestry plan

Sabine Dietz (Nature NB), interview CBC (July 3): Nature NB’s magazine: NB Naturalists – Our Forests – Nos Forêts

Roberta Clowater (CPAWS) interview CBC (July 4): Protected Natural Areas Announcement by Minister Robichaud