About Economics & Jobs 

  • What do the 500 promised jobs mean?
  • What are alternatives?
  • What are we not being told?


  • Where are the scientists that tell us the plan is sustainable?
  • How come within 2 years we can now cut 21% more softwood when we were told in 2012 that there was no wood on crown lands to provide?
  • How can conservation objectives as stated in policy be met when we go below the level habitats and wildlife species can be sustained at?
  • What are the areas that will be cut?

Scientific evidence

  • Is there scientific evidence that New Brunswick’s forest industry has had a negative impact on species and habitats?
  • Have we lost species, are we at risk of loosing species?

Secret agreements

  • A guaranteed wood supply agreement with Irving
  • Redacted parts
  • Bind us legally for 25 years