Background Documents


Bruce Northrop’s plan in 2012 (note, there was no “plan”, only the press release that was made public): Government press release

Beckley et al. report on public views on forest management, 2007: view full report in English;  voir le rapport en français

Don Floyd’s report on approaches to private woodlot management, Private Forest Task Force report, 2012: view full report

Norm Bett’s report on a Path for a Sustainable Economic Forest, 2011: view full report in English; voir le rapport en fançais

Thom Erdle et al. report on Forest Diversity and Wood Supply, task force report, 2008: view fill report in English; voir le rapport en français

Previous task force documents, consultations, reports:

The NB Environmental Network has archived documents spanning the last 15 years. All of those documents, including the reports listed above, are archived on the website accessible here.